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Sports trend – High Intensity Training

Until now, it was the general rule that you need to do at least half an hour condition training in order to start burning fat. Now, shorter but tougher workouts are the trend in 2016. The pulse goes up shortly before the maximum. High Intensity Training is the trend now which means intensive workout in a short period of time. This is especially interesting for everybody with little free time in daily life.

Personally, I go to High Intensity Cycling (HIC) every week. In half an hour we drive a couple of intervals with high resistance. After half an hour I am truly exhausted and still burn calories in the coming hours.

The same principle is of course not only working for condition training but also for strength. With more weight but shorter units you can also make a High Intensity Training work. But I would be more cautious here. At the end of the day sports should be good for the body and with too much weight, chances are high that the result of the workout will be rather painful in the coming days.

My summary on the topic is that High Intensity Training is a good alternative and I would include it in my weekly sports routine. But only doing this kind of training is not for me personally.
high intensity cycling

Mineralwasser für Sportler

The secret of the gemstone water

Since a grown person should drink 2 liters a day, one should think about what the best choice of liquid is. At best, it is a drink without a lot of additional sugar and other artificial additions. Unquestionably, pure water is best for the body. But water is not just water.

Wasser für SportlerAt the hiking hotel Kirchner in Austria, where I have been several times already for hiking and winter sports, they offer gemstone water. It is provided in a water carafe which has gemstones inside. The minerals dissolve in the water and enrich it. They pass on their healing powers to the water and make you slim, fit, beautiful and healthy. This sounds too good to be true. Or not?

The gemstone water is actually just water from the tab which simulates the enriching of water by minerals by adding the gemstones. This basically makes mineral water out of it. For comparison, when you buy mineral water, it originates from underground water resources and contains, other than spring water, a constant amount of minerals like Magnesium, Calium, Calcium, Sulfat etc. It is of natural origin but doesn’t necessarily contain more minerals than tab water. In Germany and Austria, tab water is by far the cheapest and the mineral composition is mostly more strictly controlled than of mineral waters.

But why is the question about the minerals in water so important? Since our body is not capable of making his own minerals, we have to take them in externally. This happens mostly by foods but can be added by water. For sporty people it is important to drink mineral water because we lose lots of them when we sweat. So when we drink water instead of any other sugary drink, we do get a little bit closer to the goal to become slim, fit, beautiful and healthy.



Quinoa – from South America to the conquest of the whole world

Everybody is talking about Quinoa nowadays and how healthy it is. No matter which source you check, there is always the same outcome: Quinoa is truly a real miracle corn.

Originally coming from South America, Quinoa has been basic food for the Incas for 6000 years. Quinoa seems rather exotic to us but it is worth to take a closer look at this corn. It is the only grain which contains all nine amino acids and it has the highest share of vegetable protein of all known vegetable protein sources. This is good to know for everyone working on building up muscles. Also, Quinoa is rich of vitamins and minerals.

My employer offers a free breakfast buffet on a daily basis and that also includes Quinoa. It goes very well on my cereals and adds a slight nutty note. For further ideas of Quinoa recipes check out the suggestions of Eat Smarter.


Biking Gardasee

Easy bike tour at Lake Garda along wine yards of Lugana

This summer we have been to Verona and made a nice little daytrip for a bike tour at Lake Garda in Italy. When we started it was great weather for a bike tour that day, not too hot and slightly cloudy.

Starting point was the bike rental Il Ciclista in Sirmione where I rented my mountainbike for the day. Please don’t make the same mistake I did: I rented the cheapest mountainbike they had which was rather hard to cycle on. When you do such a day trip it should be fun also and a good bike which makes cycling easier definitely contributes to a fun day.

The tour led past Torre di San Martino which reminds on the battle of Solferino whose outcome led to the unification of Italy. Then we were passing the wine yards in the outback which was hilly but feasible even with a bad bike. There were a couple of beautiful view points looking at the panorama of southern Lake Garda. They were slightly blurred by an unwanted encounter with a vicious dog. You probably know this scenario: there is a sign saying “beware of the dog” but you cycle on because you don’t want to get off the path. We were already slightly off track and the way led us to a private farm where the dog mentioned already came running out of the house and bit into my shoe while I was still cycling. Just in this moment, the owner whistled back his Fiffi. Just in time.

Once we were back at the lake, at Punta Gro, the way led us all along the waterside where we spotted some nice spots to bathe. In the end we biked to the tip of Sirmione, to Castello scaligero. There was a huge traffic jam and lots of tourists. The castello was pretty but because of the crowds gathering there, we decided to leave it as soon as possible again.

After 32 km an 2,5 hours we reached the bike rental again. With great memories and ready for a chilled afternoon at the lake.

This tour and further advice on bike tours on Lake Garda incl. GPS-data for the smartphone are available on the official Lake Garda website. For more inspiration for bike tours in and around Munich read on here.
Radtour Gardasee Radtour Gardasee



This summer, the cherry was my highlight

Do you still remember the kids’ game “ate cherries, drank water”, where one is supposed to believe that drinking water after eating cherries makes you feel sick? I have believed in this saying until shortly. Until I have read in a journal that this is in fact a rumor. What makes your stomach feel sick indeed is when you eat too many cherries because eating them in a great amount can cause flatulence.

For me, this knowledge has caused me to eat loads of cherries. This summer I have almost eaten cherries every day. Maybe they have also supported the fact that I have not been sick at all this year because they also strengthen the immune system. Cherries are extremely healthy, have low-calories and are full of vitamins. Since they are harvested when they are ripe, they are in full bloom of their vitamin richness and should be eaten immediately. Then you can refuel your vitamin balance with iron, calium, calcium, magnesium, folic acid as well as with the vitamins B and C.

Most importantly, cherries are extremely delicious and the better snack for inbetween!


Biketour: 1.557m ascending to the Zwoelferhorn

Attergau in Austria has plenty of beautiful lakes and fascinating mountain panorama. It is the perfect place for all enthusiastic mountain lovers or water sports fans. We were there to take on the challenge to do the medium level ranked bike tour up to the 1.461m Zwoelferhorn.

Mountainbiketour Mountainbike9 Mountainbiketour






After a phase of getting used to the physical burden, the slow but steady pedaling was no problem anymore. Starting on 552m in Abersee, we cycled 700m upwards on well-prepared gravel roads in the forest. After the first hill has been climbed, there was a slight descend. Just before the next major ascend, we made a break on the Hilzalm, former Schafbachalm. Beside the romantic sheep lawn, they have local specialties such as bacon bread, pancake soup or “mice”, burned dough dish. After the short break we started our second major ascend, up to Zwoelferhorn. The way up was this time on the sunny side, passing a hut with pigs, blue blooming Enzian and lots of paragliders.

On Zwoelferhorn on 1.461m you have a fascinating view on Wolfgangsee. We have enjoyed that for a while before starting with the descent. Because from now on, we only went down for about 40 minutes. Alternatively you can hike up to the summit, bikes are forbidden there. The way down was partly very steep and you were passing lots of cows and horses.

Mountainbiketour Mountainbiketour Mountainbiketour






After almost six hours and four hours pure cycling time, we had made the 37,9km and we went for dinner at Vini E Panini (top restaurant recommendation!!!) in Mondsee before we fell into our tents. What an amazing day it was!


Olympic fiever

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio were of course a real television highlight of the last couple of weeks. The world’s best have battled each other in 39 disciplines.

My personal favorite were the two German beachvolleyball ladies who won the gold medal in the end. Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst have lost only one set during all of the games but won every single match. You just have to watch this amazing team playing:

And I also found out that the rumors about the regulation of the beachvolleyball outfits are not true. Check out this report about the topic:


From high diving, swimming, beachvolleyball, hammer throw, sprint to gymnastics, I have seen it all and got really motivated to try these disciplines as well. The Olympic fever caught me as well and now it’s up to me to go out and just do it. I will report about my trials 😉


Alp cross E5 – part 3

This July, I did the third part of the E5, hiking from Trient to Verona with the operator Bergschule Oberallgäu. According to the organizer, this part of the route is supposed to be as hard as the first part which I did three years ago (from Oberstdorf to Meran). The landscape was sensational and absolutely worthwhile.

E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5

The weather was luckily completely on our side. That was especially important for the first two days which I found extremely demanding. On the first day we started from Levico Terme to Fort Cherle to the Coe Pass. It went steeply up, with the full backpack, you first had to get used to this heavy load. The second day was the most demanding, up to Monte Maggio, then for lunch to Rifugio Papa which lays on a pretty impressive gorge. In the afternoon we went further up, the hiking seemed endless until we finally reached our Rifugio. Day three was super exciting, passing by all the sites of the first world war, hiking through trenches and passing blooming Edelweiss. We were hiking along a panoramic way which was technically not as demanding as the days before. On the fourth day my feet were already doing their job on their own, hiking up the Carega summit (2259m) in the Piccoli Dolomiti and then streight downward into the valley, passing mountain goats and groundhogs.

E5 E5 E5 E5 E5 E5

I found hiking is South Tirol extremely comfortable and recommendable. Comparing it to the German and Austrian Alps, which are pretty packed of people, there were barely any people and the landscapes are just wonderful. And of course the food is amazing as well. Since they were speaking Italian everywhere on the route, you instantly had the holiday feeling. It was a great experience which I can only recommend doing.

E5 E5 E5 E5 E5


SWM crawling – swimming like the pros

During the winter I have discovered a new sport for myself: the crawling. I have already wanted to take a crawl course for some time at the municipal utility Munich but the courses have always been booked out. Consequently, I have signed up for it half a year in advance and signed up for the course during the winter months. Ten times I have been there during the cold season every Friday at 09:30 pm at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.

Just the atmosphere in this indoor swimming pool is very motivating. If you imagine that Olympic athletes have been swimming in these pools, it is a great precondition. For the learners, they even had a separate 100m pool. This is quite a long distance for a beginner but at least you had your own lane where you could practice without bumping into someone. This is real luxury because normally, these course take place in the same pool where all the other people are also swimming.

Kraulen Kraulen

Our teacher has taught us crawling step by step: first the leg training, then the arms and in the end how to breathe correctly. Breathing is actually the toughest part. In the beginning you fight against your shortness of breath until you can overcome your fear and find your own breathing rhythm. I still have to work on my breathing technique until this day although I have already finished the course and practice swimming once every week.

There are not many types of sports which combine strength and endurance so well and is so gentle on the joints at the same time. I can warmly recommend crawling to all females out there. Only keep in mind not to overdo it to avoid getting a broad back which looks very masculine.


Squads, this is how you do it correctly

I have already made countless squads in my life but the other day, a trainer told me something which has surprised me about this easy exercise. So far, I have always tried to make a 90 degree angle because this seems to me the most appealing, optically. Also in the promotional brochures, there are always pictures which show the squats in a 90 degree angle.

Squad falsch Squad Squad






So far, nobody has raised the issue that by doing it this way, all of the power has to be absorbed by the knees. If you even reinforce the power by putting weights on, there is quite some weight which the knees have to take. It is a lot more gentle on the joints to make the squat with either more or less than 90 degrees. Most people will probably decide for less but sometimes, more input actually gives more output as well 😉