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Mineralwasser für Sportler

The secret of the gemstone water

Since a grown person should drink 2 liters a day, one should think about what the best choice of liquid is. At best, it is a drink without a lot of additional sugar and other artificial additions. Unquestionably, pure water is best for the body. But water is not just water.

Wasser für SportlerAt the hiking hotel Kirchner in Austria, where I have been several times already for hiking and winter sports, they offer gemstone water. It is provided in a water carafe which has gemstones inside. The minerals dissolve in the water and enrich it. They pass on their healing powers to the water and make you slim, fit, beautiful and healthy. This sounds too good to be true. Or not?

The gemstone water is actually just water from the tab which simulates the enriching of water by minerals by adding the gemstones. This basically makes mineral water out of it. For comparison, when you buy mineral water, it originates from underground water resources and contains, other than spring water, a constant amount of minerals like Magnesium, Calium, Calcium, Sulfat etc. It is of natural origin but doesn’t necessarily contain more minerals than tab water. In Germany and Austria, tab water is by far the cheapest and the mineral composition is mostly more strictly controlled than of mineral waters.

But why is the question about the minerals in water so important? Since our body is not capable of making his own minerals, we have to take them in externally. This happens mostly by foods but can be added by water. For sporty people it is important to drink mineral water because we lose lots of them when we sweat. So when we drink water instead of any other sugary drink, we do get a little bit closer to the goal to become slim, fit, beautiful and healthy.


Das richtige Magnesium für Sportler

What you should know about magnesium

Probably every sportive person is taking additional Magnesium preparation. But which magnesium makes the most sense for our body? If you sweat a lot, e.g. when jogging or cycling, you lose minerals and also magnesium. A lack shows immediately in form of a cramp. Since magnesium is our second most important mineral, we are eager to balance this lack again.

The best way, of course, would be to prepare dishes which contain green leafy vegetables, pulses, full-grain products or nuts. You can get inspiration for that from my article about the fabulous savoy-lamb-stew. For fast help, most people including me take chemical preparation.

Take care that the magnesium which you buy in form of fizzy tablet or granulate consists of an organic magnesium compound. You can recognise that from the endings aspartat, orotat or citrat on the packagings. These compounds are body related and can be more easily absorbed by the body then other chemical preparations. Of course you can also notice that at the price of the product. But it is definitely better to buy a product which the body can actually use than to just flush it away in the toilet.

My favourit: Magnesium Verla. The product designes surely haven’t won a price for their product design but the taste is good and it works which is the most important.

Weißbier als Sportgetränk

The sports drink No. 1: alcohol-free wheat beer

Yeah, the Bavarians and their beer. We do have a very special and extremely emotional bonding. But in terms of a sports drink, the alcohol-free wheat beer is unbeatable. Several scientific studies have proven that it is supporting your health. Not only is there less sugar than in other sports drinks but it also contains important minerals which you lose while sweating during sports. (more…)

Protein shake vs. natural proteins

Protein shakes or stirred eggs, what is better after sports? For building up muscles, it is recommended to eat something containing proteins.

I have once made the mistake to eat half a chicken without any side dishes after sports. Wow, I felt so terribly sick afterwards, I couldn’t eat meat for a whole week. Another source of natural protein is an egg so you could boil one of make stirred eggs. (more…)